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Solar Street Light – CALL/WA: 082140098998

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Solar Street Light – CALL/WA : 082140098998

1. Unique Structure Design :

  • Integrate the solar panel, led body, battery and controller into whole system.
    Easy to transport, install and maintain.

  • Solar panel looks like an umbrella to protect battery from high temperature and
    extend the lifetime. Perfectly solve heat dissipation.

  • Solar panel can be adjustable manually in vertical and horizontal direction, ensure
    the maximum efficiency of solar energy.

2. Core Technologies

  • Unique Integration Design
    Easy to transport, install and maintain
  • Rotating Solar Panel
    Solar Panel can be adjusted in vertical and horizontal direction
  • Charge and Discharge Management
    Protect battery by software and hardware, supporting battery charge at Ov
  • Light Efficiency Management
    x Patent led chip with high efficiency, up to 160lm/w
  • Microwave Motion Sensor
    Radar controlled, called Doppler effect. More intelligent, energy-saving
  • Control Mode Management
    6 work modes for choice
  • Patent Bat-wing Lens
    Lighting area much wider, the maximum of using the lighting all light the road


  • First wing design of integrated solar street light system
  • Enhanced analysis of heat dissipation and heat conduction by EFD
  • The stability of the mechanical structure is enhanced by the mechanical
    analysis of ABAQUS

3. Remote Control

  • Indicator light status instructions























  • 6 working modes

4. Light Distribution

5. Dimension

6. Parameter

Technical parameter















  • Package
    Color box packaged, anti-shock packaging material, with bubble bags and foam, ensure transport safety.





7. Application

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